Swedish Linens

Swedish Linens was founded by textile designer Hannah Johnsén, a previously-sleep-deprived mum to two young boys. She believes that good sleep truly does start with our children. To help you maximize the quality of your precious sleep, Swedish Linens has created a wide selection of percale sheets for the entire family. From bassinet size sheets to cot sheets and single bed sheets.

The sheets are made from the highest quality organic cotton percale. Percale sheets have so much to offer - from durability and breathability, they are also dust mite repellant and hypoallergenic.

Climate change is real. Swedish Linens are serious about making a difference by encouraging people to rethink their shopping habits and to consider the environment when making a purchase. Their mission is to provide the highest quality bedding that has the least impact on the planet. You can buy their sheets with a clean conscience and sleep better at night knowing you are making a difference. At Eve of Indigo, we are proud to stock Swedish Linens organic cotton fitted and flat sheets in the Lindbacken and Rainbows prints in a beautiful range of colours.