Mia Linen Bath Robe

Fog Linen Work

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The Mia Linen Bath Robe by Fog Linen Work is a classic bathrobe constructed of The Mia Bath Robe by Fog Linen Work is made from a natural finish washed waffle linen. It features a shawl collar, separate belt, and deep pockets.

Comfortabe and light-weight, it can easily be worn after a bath or while just lounging around. The waffle texture ensures a quick dry-time in between uses.

Benefits of Linen:
* Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties
* Very breathable, allowing air to flow through and keeps you cool in summer
* Has insulating properties so keeps you warm in winter
* Linen has superior water absorption abilities, being able to absorb up to 20% of it's weight in water before it starts to feel damp.
* Linen is long lasting and durable - it is regarded as the world's strongest natural fibre
* It is also a sustainable fabric, made from the flax plant which requires no chemicals or irrigation to grow and no part of the plant is wasted when turned into linen

Measurements: approx: 110cm x free x 49cm (length x chest x sleeves)
30cm at cuff / 35cm at shoulder)

100% linen

Gentle machine wash, dry cool or line-dry

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