Peachy Cream Sun Hat

Oak Meadow Kids

These one of a kind sun hats by Oak Meadow Kids are made from quality cotton gauze & dyed by hand using natural, non toxic dyes. 

It features two ties on either side to ensure they stay on firm whilst playing in the sunshine. It also has a gentle tie through the top part for extra hold on those windy beach days.

This hat is perfect for beach days, adventures in the carrier, picnics, or just simply because it’s super cute.

The Oak Meadow Kids Sun Hat took a year in sampling and perfecting the ideal shape & size options. This hat is ideal for any adventure but please when washing avoid machine wash and use a gentle hand wash method with cold water only. Due to natural dyes we ask you to avoid use of detergents as this can strip natural dye from the hat.  

Colour: Peachy Cream

Size guide : 

  • Small: 0-6 months
  • Medium: 6 months- 2.5 years possibly 3 [depending on your child’s head].
  • Large: 2.5 to 4 years [depending on your child's head].

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