Organic Cotton Cuddly Goose White - Small

Senger Naturwelt

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The Small Cuddly Goose by Senger is a soft and huggable toy your child is sure to love. And you'll love that he is made from all natural and organic fibres and so is free of harmful chemicals. These cute toys also double as a pillow - featuring a small removable cotton cushion filled with cherry pits, thus turning into a heating or cooling pad.

Outer made from hand picked organic cotton plush. Head and feet are filled with pure sheep's wool. 

Embroidered features - so nothing to pull off.

Product Dimensions:
Approx 47cm * 37cm * 11cm

Senger make timeless cuddly toys that are handcrafted in Germany with the utmost sensitivity to quality of workmanship. They use sustainably sourced materials of the highest standard. They believe that the first toy in your life is special and is not replaceable - these are toys that are meant to last for a lifetime and are sure to become a treasured family keepsake.

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