Tide Lines Ceramic Candle - Spice Blend


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“Tidelines” is the collaboration between Wildfolk & Kin Ceramics.
Drawing inspiration from the beautiful coastline 
of the Pacific ‘peaceful’ Ocean that hems the East coast of Australia.

Each pot in this limited collection has been hand thrown, then dip glazed subtlety to different levels to symbolize the ‘tidelines’ of our sprawling coast.

Two of Wildfolk’s most loved scents have been hand poured into these pots to create a truly handcrafted product, packaged in its own drawstring pouch designed to be enjoyed then repurposed.

Spice Blend is a popular autumn & winter scent that can be enjoyed all year round. This combination of 100% essential oils has a warm spicy base with a light delicate top notes of tangerine and orange. 

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